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A relaxing massage can resolve a stressful day. It is certainly the best known and widespread technique, and, in principle, serves for the muscles to relax. It has the ability not only to ease the tensions of the body, but also those of the mind.



Deep massage that affects the muscle tissue with a set of techniques useful in stretching to relax and eliminate contractures, the main causes of the most common ailments such as stiff neck, lumbago, backache, headache.



It 'a deep muscle massage invigorating energy of the major muscle groups. Through a set of fast techniques and rebalancing helps reduce muscle tension and soften the tissue. Activates blood circulation and prepares the muscle making it more tonic, loose and decontracted.



It is an extremely relaxing massage performed with the use of techniques and maneuvers lente.Il work e'sulle joints and muscles, balances the chakras interacting with breathing and with emotions withheld.



massage candle uses a special blend of vegetable oils and scents that help to awaken our senses, is turned on as a real candle during use, as well as providing hot oil, leave skin soft and silky.



Lymphatic drainage is a special massage technique that allows the lymphatic drainage from tessuti.Viene also used to obtain an effect of absorption of edema.



The connective tissue massage thanks to the special maneuvers using, then has the ability to stimulate circulation locally, and to make so most oxygen to the treated area. The reactions of the connective tissue massage can range from itching of varying intensity to more or less extensive bruising that usually appear at the first sitting.



Ancient origins hawayane is inspired by the flowing rhythm and gentle ocean waves, with the massage gives the ancient harmony of the enchanted paradise of haway, giving a touch of vitality and joy to the rhythm of music.



Born in California by doctors and psychologists combines Western techniques orientali.Il its purpose is to realign the energy centers, thanks to the maneuvers sweet, enveloping, slow and rhythmic. Giving a feeling of inner peace and balancing the chakras.



The hot stone massage is relaxation par excellence, is performed with hot lava stones. An ancient therapy used to treat corpoe mind, the warmth of the stones helps loosen muscle intentions and balance the energy of the chakras. The massage is customized with essential oils and heat pietredal different, for better psychophysical equilibrium, improves blood circulation, joint mobility, detoxifies the body and smoothes the skin.



The traditional Thai massage with oil is above all the art of touch some points that are on invisible lines, calls Sen. These lines are 2 cm under the skin and spread throughout the body. When these lines are processed, with pressure, touch or clutches and winding, stimulate and act on all internal organs, balancing both arterial and lymphatic circulation, for a complete wellness globbale.



This treatment is particularly suitable for problems in the joints, arthritis, osteoarthritis, cellulitis, obesity, swelling in general. Has a therapeutic effect delicate and aromatic. It 'a collision with warm bundles of linen containing fresh herbal compounds. Has a detoxifying and relaxing.



Peculiar Indian massage which provides a slow flow flush of warm aromatic oil on the forehead, which is followed by a gentle massage of the head and face. The duration ranges from 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Calms and relieves nervous disorders, psychosomatic, depression, anxiety, anguish, releases tension, nourishes the skin and the hair, is useful for all the problems of the head: migraines, headaches, neuralgia, inflammation, improves perceptibility of the senses, improves blood circulation and strengthens the tissues.



A new technique of rebalancing based on Bioenergetics, can give you a good hand in overcoming your psychosomatic disorders: the bioenergetic helps dissolve blockages and tensions



The chocolate massage gives serenity, relaxation and good mood. The active ingredients of cocoa tone, streamline and give a heady scent. The smell of chocolate goes stimulate endorphins (feel-good hormones) that, becoming active, give a very strong feeling of peace and appagamento.ed is a super moisturizer.



During pregnancy, most women suffering from swollen ankles and sore feet, massage can help both to alleviate the pain, is to keep the woman's body toned and elastic.

The benefits of massage during pregnancy are manifold:

- Stimulates the lymphatic and circolatorio- Relieves sore back support lowers the pressure sanguigna- Improve sleep- Promotes relaxation and lowers levels of stress-helps to prevent the onset of the veins varicose- Prevents smagliature- Rule movements dell'intestino- Relieves pain and cramps, especially in the legs.

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